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What is Zena Development LLC?

Changing the name doesn’t change the facts.

Like other nightmares, Woodstock National LLC is back. Now they call themselves Zena Development LLC. Their website describes them as local citizens determined to serve us by bringing the best of development to our community. They’ve told us they are not developing the Woodstock part of the site, for now.  Let’s take a look at what they’re actually proposing.

The Most Recent Update: 

The developers submitted an application to build 30 homesites on the 100+ acres in Ulster. It will be reviewed at an upcoming Town of Ulster Planning Board meeting. All submitted documentation is public and available here (scroll to the "Large Scale Proposed Projects"). The full application can be read here.

The Good News: 

No 18-hole golf course and heliport for now. Yes, they have for the moment, dropped the idea of an 18-holes championship golf course and heliport in the middle of a Critical Environmental Area in Woodstock. 


No building of housing units in Woodstock’s Critical Environmental Area for now. For the moment, they are not planning to build 191 housing units in the middle of that pristine forest and wetlands. 


Our opposition made a difference: Our community was successful in getting them to pause and reconsider their proposal. Our immediate and organized opposition, including signs, public information and social media have made a difference. 

The Bad News:

Building on 107 acres of forest, steep slopes, pond, and wetlands in Ulster. Now they tell us they are planning to focus the project by building on the part of their land in the town of Ulster, right next to the Israel Wittman Sanctuary and near the Bluestone Wild Forest. 


Deforestation and Harm to Wetlands: Million-dollar homes replacing unbroken forest, pond, wetland habitats, and wildlife corridors.

No Road Access: The Ulster section is landlocked. The only way to access it is to build a road through the 500 Woodstock acres. 


Fragmenting Critical Environmental Area: Million-dollar homes in Ulster that can only be reached by crossing the municipal line and cutting roads through the Critical Environmental Area in Woodstock.


Barriers to Emergency Services: Without direct road access through Ulster, ambulance, police, and fire services must come all the way from Woodstock and cross the municipal line into Ulster. 


Traffic Risks: Burden of increased traffic on the already heavily traveled Sawkill Road, both during the construction phase of million-dollar homes or townhouses and after, endangering existing local residents, pedestrians and cyclists.


This is not about benefiting the community, protecting the environment or building the types of affordable housing we need. 

Changing the name doesn’t change the facts.

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